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Surface-Penetrating Radar (SPR) is actually a more accurate title for Pegasus Environmental's services. Often, our builders and contractors require analysis through ceilings, walls, vertical structures or uneven surfaces such as rock or fabricated materials. SPR uses pulses of electromagnetic waves in the same manner as GPR. Our equipment is compact and versatile enough to provide substrait mapping images for a variety of surfaces.

Pegasus Environmental utilizes SPR to detect steel rebar, HVAC ducts, utility conduits, PVC pipes, voids and plumbing configurations. Locating these structures before drilling can save money and time, in addition to being a major safety benefit.

This image, processed at a dormitory at SUNY Brockport,
was taken through the roof of the building.
It indicates two levels of rebar several inches apart.
Near-exact depths can be attained for each, using Pegasus'
highly developed software and analysis capabilities.

Surface penetrating radar can be used on ceilings to generate useful images, as well as on floor sufaces or the ground.

Uses for SPR

Surface Penetrating Radar can be used in building, construction, excavation, law enforcement, forensics, cemetaries, plumbing, carpentry or paving industries.

Any questions? Contact Pegasus Environmental, and we will eagerly respond to your general or specific questions.

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