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State-of-the-Art Analysis

Pegasus Environmental Knows that our success depends entirely on providing you with accurate, easy to understand analysis after we have provided GPR scanning services. We take great pride in in our ability to share findings pictorially, with a written report filed electronically, and upon request, a presentation with a PowerPoint slide show.

As we are fond of saying, "You may not care what kind of watch we have, you just want to know what time it is."

That said, we use the finest Non-Destructive Testing equipment available for scanning, with an accuracy tolerance finer than than one inch. The scanner is connected electronically to a computer, which provides on-site spectral analysis, which is stored as a series of graphics files. We can peel layers from these files, like an onion, to show specific depths in one inch increments.

Our reporting is customized to show these results in significant detail. Also, we use paper grids that can be left in place and marked to show precise locations for safe digging and excavation.

Pegasus founder Zeke Hurd reviews on-screen GPR data at a basement site at Strong Memorial Hospital in Rochester, N.Y..


Pegasus Environmental Co. offers
the option for a graphic
report for every project.
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