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Electromagnetic induction (EMI) is a valuable tool for soil mapping for agri-business and golf course management. Since 1993, Pegasus Environmental Company has provided state-of-the-art technology for a wide variety of produce farmers, orchards, property maintenance companies and golf courses.

Soil mapping is a non-invasive use of EMI technology to measure soil property, texture, drainage (above and below the surface), cation-exchange capacity, depth of top soil and hydrology features. Frequently, we are hired to assist inproviding detailed assessments for drainage mapping, strategic irrigation mapping or prescriptive regimens. EMI may be used to detect contamination from off-site influences or as a research tool to indicate changes in soil characteristics, drainage or soil productivity.

Golf Course Management

Soil mapping is an essential element to effective golf course management, as it can provide detailed mapping for existing drainage plates and pipes and assist in developing more productive drainage and irrigation maps. This non-invasive technology eliminates guesswork, and is accurate to within a fraction of an inch, helping golf courses to expedite construction and reduce downtime.

Pegasus EMI service helps delineate zones of management for golf course operators:

  • Fertilization
  • Water Application
  • Drainage
  • Chemical Application
  • Compaction
  • Traffic Management
  • Any and All Remedial Action

What We Do

Pegasus Environmental collects and processes electromagnetic induction data and assimilates it using highly refined technology. We then process that information digitally for agri-business purposes.

Any questions? Contact Pegasus Environmental, and we will eagerly respond to your general or specific questions.

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